Sunday, February 12, 2012

Working in Antigua

Got to the island a couple days ago and have been quite busy getting a handle on the work situation. Here's home for the next two weeks....

...the estate of Gilly and Jay Rainey - music teacher and commercial photog.Great folks, great family. Gilly drove me about today to track down a much needed random orbital sander. We ended up at Mike's house - he's a teacher also and has this view out his veranda:

.... Sheesh! Other views in the neighborhood:

Gilly and "The View"
Tom and another view
OK, time to go to work:


At Woodstock Boats. If I kick butt here for a few days and finish my assignment I can earn a few more days seeing more sights, maybe visiting a neighboring island or two. Hopefully I will finish just as Patty arrives.

So here's my world for the next week plus. Hey, not everything in paradise is glamorous.

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