Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Hello Malleteers, 

I want to get an advance word out that Bourne Marimbas is again taking orders for marimbas. I am done doing much building myself (age related challenges) but I’ve taken on the help of professional woodworker (and jazz bassist) King Dahl. I will continue to handle the sales and delivery of instruments, and King will do the building and tuning, under my supervision until he has it down cold, which will not take much longer! King will work out of my shop in Bellingham and we plan to display his other fine creations upstairs in my office space. Big changes!

BTW, King is the force behind King Dahl Creative, and you can check out his woodworking achievements here:

As a musician, King has the ears to make a good marimba, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he adds a few tweaks to actually improve our product line! I’ll be updating my web site soon with current instruments and prices, and in the meantime you can email me through the link at the right if you have questions.

Bourne Marimba Prices

Two Octave Soprano                         $1400
Two Octave Alto                                $1500
Two Octave Tenor                             $1600
Two Octave Soprano Lowrider         $1400
3 1/2 Octave Box                              $2000
Two Octave Baritone                        $2200
Nine Note Big Bass                          $2700

That’s all!  

Tom Bourne

Bourne Marimbas