Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Antigua from the Inside

So now I've been in this tropical destination for five full days and have yet to hit a beach or hear a steel drum band. Haven't quaffed any rum daiquiris with an umbrella swizzler either. I'm too busy working to get ahead of the curve on the assigned duty that brought me here - working next to boat wrights from around the world and performing my awkward daily interactions with the locals. Shuffling home to meet Gilly for a sporty drive into St. Johns to rustle up some tone woods, (rumour had it the best lumber was available at an unsigned  seafood outlet) I passed the Risk Takers Superette and appreciated that I am experiencing a new land from the inside, as a working stiff mingling on equal (if less confident) terms with the island working class. So as any teacher in an international school knows, I will leave with a fuller sense of the place than I could get from the deck of a cruise ship and the window of a tour bus. Still, I am on track for at least couple days sightseeing.

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