Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Day in Antigua

Five Marimbas built and delivered in ten days and now one day off. First things first:

Rendevous Beach is reachable by boat or on foot (a mile walk). 
I had it all to myself all morning. Hard to leave a place when it is all your own.

Then, off to Island Academy to see the completed instruments in situ.

Teacher Gilly with her son Jack and friend Alex - natural musicians.

Some 5th graders with new Lowriders. Gilly says the new instruments are 
already having beneficial classroom effect.

Next, a late afternoon visit to Half Moon Beach, site of the only glitch in my visit. 
An unexpected wave stole my prescription shades! Fortunately this shot was taken 
BEFORE the event, thus it is in focus. The rest of the afternoon was an impressionistic painting. 

Two beaches in one day!

Afterward I bought pizza for all at Famous Mauro's. 
Best pizza this side of Village Pizza in Roslyn, Washington.

And finally, a parting message (click to expand):

this spotted on the road to Rendevous Beach.

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  1. Nice pics Tom. Hope you got a chance to take a dip in that beautiful water. Safe travels. Hope to share a brew or two with you on your return to Seattle. BTW Woke up to snow on the ground this am. No joke. Enjoy the sunshine.