Monday, September 30, 2013

Zooming into the future: the NEW Bourne Marimbas website/blog

note: this is just a clumsy metaphor - DO NOT actually try this!

In this age of information overload it's good, once in a while, to hitch up your most important and useful stuff and leave the rest behind. So I am ditching my old web site and re-casting this blog as one-stop-surfing for my products, general info, maintenance advice, news from the school marimba world etc. Blogs are alot easier to update, trim and rearrange than web sites. Who needs both?

So welcome to the NEW This column will continue to run the usual bloggerific bloggifications, while the column of links on the right side of the page provides info on my instruments, prices, maintenance suggestions and especially useful or interesting blog entries.

Now that we are all consolidated, may I point you to one past entry in this blog that I am particularly  proud of. It's that link on the right under "Highly Check-outable" that says "Watch Tom Make a Lowrider". Go ahead, give 'er a click and Zoom into the Future!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Tom,

    I´m Florencia from Argentina and I really admire your work.
    Few months ago; I saw (from a link in your site or blog) a video about you and your work, in which you were in your work place making a marimba.
    I really would love watch it again, but I cannot find the link.
    Please, could you send me the LINK ABOUT?

    Thanks a lot for the information and inspiration!

    Best regards,