Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tenor Marimba

Here is a tenor 2 octave marimba on casters for easy moving about the classroom.
The range is 2 full octaves starting at an octave below middle C. 
$1200, add $50 for F#/Bb bars.

Also available without casters. This is a common design amongst Zimbabwean groups - with the tubes removed from below, the legs fold in for compact storage and transport.


  1. What part would tenors typically play? This is a bass xylophone range, correct? I'm contemplating getting one of these instead of another lowrider...

    1. Hi Heather - In an Orff arrangement a tenor marimba would double the alto or baritone parts. Many marimba arrangements have a tenor part assigned, although again one can double Bari or alto with it. Tenors (mine at least) are two octaves starting at an octave below middle C, so they are splitting the dif between an alto starting at G above that or a baritone starting at G below that.

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