Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Note to Customers

I have decided to stop booking orders for the foreseeable future. 

I simply have too many (very patient!) customers backordered for too long on a timetable that, due to my health issues, is too uncertain. My goal right now is to take a few months and clear through the backorders, then assess where I'm at physically, monetarily etc. 

One thing I will continue to do is offer the 3 day building workshops to get more folks building, and taking that event on the road for workshop visitations. That's what's really needed right now - more builders! I'm offering two workshops this summer in Bellingham: on the weekends of July 21 and July 28. (filling fast!)

Thanks for your support - current customers should know that any orders I have on my calendar are still in my plans.

For new orders, here are 4 fine builders in the Northwest I can recommend. These marimba makers all have many instruments in the schools and communities. Check them out and give them a contact!

Mark Burdon at:

Byron Wylie at:

Eric Orem at

Peter Bush at:

And as always, Tom's Mallets are available through West Music!

Tom  Bourne


  1. so Tom, what about the $200 that we pre-paid. Are we still on for August? Liz Moore

  2. Everything I said in my Jan. 22nd email still holds.

  3. Hi Tom! I'm sorry to hear you're having health issues,but it's certainly understandable that you need catch-up time on all those orders! I'm just dropping a note saying I still think of you and the fun workshop a few years ago. I hope you're doing well.