Saturday, October 4, 2014

Builder Boards

Yesterday I visited The Foundry, a "Makerspace" in Bellingham that provides access to hi-tech resources (like 3D printers) to entrepreneurs:

There I met Jack McKee, the maker of Builder Boards:

He was showing off his invention which is a set of interlocking boards kids use their IMAGINATIONS to make stuff out of. Yes, that's right, he wants kids to be creative! In school even! At 70 years old he seems young at heart, and before long he and one of the Foundry staff guys were on the floor, playing like tykes.

These are basically great big plywood Lincoln Logs and as a kid I would have LOVED to get my hands on these, just like I would have LOVED playing big marimbas.

I think Jack must be my professional doppelganger as we share identical phraseology regarding the kid-appeal of our respective products. I told Jack we are in the same business of building stuff for active, imaginative, collaborative and result-oriented kids.

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