Sunday, February 16, 2014

World Music Drumming Summer Events

Including Walt Hampton, going "Nationwide" with a week in Boston and a week in Portland.


  1. Hello!

    Can you give us an update for the pdf link to the Click Song? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi valerie, I recently moved my web site and all material related to it to tis blog. I've finally cleaned out all the files from my former web service provider, including The Click Song, so its not available anywhere on the internet until I find somewhere new to store it. MEantime, I can email a copy of it to you, which I will do soon, Thanks, Tom

  2. Hi Tom
    Would it be possible to email a copy of your click song arrangement. Thanks in advance.
    Steve Packer

  3. Hi Tom,
    I just discovered "The Click Song" and would like to try it with a class. Could you email a copy of your transcription to me? Thanks!
    Bruce Hill