Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March is Moving Month

With wife Patty in charge of Music Education at Western Washington University since Fall, it's time for me to get moved out of our Bothell digs and into a new shop space in Bellingham, Washington, USA. So I'm taking the month of March off to de-commision the house and home we raised our young 'uns in. We're liquidating on Craigslist, making runs to the dump and hauling the remainders north.

Come April I'll be working out of the NE corner of this building. Exact location will remain undisclosed for now, to avoid the job seeking hordes and Chamber of Commerce recruiters.

Alas, after 17 years, we've fallen short of the Bothell vision, with its motto: "For a Day, For A Lifetime". But we're already the ideal citizens of Bellingham, known the world over as "The City of Subdued Excitement".

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