Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Walt Hampton Music

It was a great week at Walt Hampton's Hot Marimba division of Will Schmid's World Music Drumming sessions in Seattle, with talented teachers from around the country (and world!) learning how to introduce marimbas into their classrooms. Several of the 28 teachers in the class already have marimba groups of their own, and there was a good mix of experience and some great performing at the culminating event on Friday.

Walt unveiled selections from his newly self-published collection "Son of Hot Marimba". Here's one example:

As you can see, grown-ups have as much fun banging on marimbas as youngsters. The group also learned this chestnut - great motion in this performance:

Here's another new Walt Hampton tune: "UFO".

Stay tuned for ordering info as Maestro Hampton's book becomes available.


  1. I got my Son of Hot Marimba book!! Wish Lion was in it, but there are a ton of good gems. U.F.O. is great!