Friday, November 9, 2018

Sopranos (and MALLETS!) for Sale

I have two soprano marimbas available - I just felt like building 'em:

1. ... with buzzers and a multiplicity of wood types for the tone bars - looks cool, is a great lesson in woods of the world (and allows me to utilize some of my variegated accumulation)  …. AND….

2. a regular soprano with no buzzers and padauk tone bars.

$900 each, drop me a line if interested (click email link over on the right)


I discovered deep in the Bourne Marimba vaults 86 pair of packaged Tom's Mallets. We've stopped making and selling these and they were previously available only through West Music. These are nice mallets, Red, Green or Yellow, that being Hard, Medium and Soft. The green mediums are by far the most commonly used and fortunately that is the most of what this batch consists of, but there are a few red and yellows also. I'd like to sell these pairs as follows:

• $25 a pair
• 5 pair minimum
• Credit card payment only, I can bill you with an online payment link.

Drop me an email at

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